RAW Power for macOS Release Notes

Version 3.4.21

Version 3.4.20

Version 3.4.18

Version 3.4.17

Version 3.4.16

Version 3.4.15

Version 3.4.14

Version 3.4.13

Version 3.4.12

Version 3.4.11

Version 3.4.10

Version 3.4.9

Version 3.4.8

Version 3.4.5

Version 3.4.3

Version 3.4

Version 3.3

Version 3.2.3

Version 3.2

Version 3.1

Version 3.0.4:
• Completely remove German and Chinese localizations – will be restored when they are complete.

Version 3.0.3:
• Add Restore Edits feature for File Browser, for use after restoring images from backup or copying images to a different drive
• Support large LUTs (over 2 MB).
• Read locations manually set in Photos
• Fix bug when importing LUTs into the Photos extension.
• Improvements to Auto White Balance
• Move LUTs into a new directory that is shared between the extension and app.
• Fix bug with the Satellite view in Map.
• Simplify Reconnect Edits
• Fix bugs with Crop aspect ratios
• Add ability to delete ratings and editing information from all images in a folder in the File Browser.
• Move the File Browser database to the Documents directory
• Miscellaneous bug fixes and small user interface changes

Versions 3.0.1 and 3.0.2
• Improve quality and range of Highlights and Shadows
• Improve quality of LUTs applied to over-exposed images
• Fix bugs with Chromatic Aberration
• Fix bug when exporting Photo library images in Edit
• Fix bugs with dragging images to the app icon, File > Open, etc
• Create tab properly when command-clicking on an album in the Photos library browser
• Change adjustment reordering interface from a modal dialog to a sheet
• Add new help menu items
• Write out rating to IPTC on export
• Fix bug when resetting default adjustments
• Handle LUT cube files with uppercase extension (.CUBE)
• Address rare condition with Photo Library Privacy Setting not always appearing
• Add miscellaneous UI tweaks, localization changes and bug fixes
• Fix two crashes

Version 3.0:
• Full Photo Library Browser on macOS Catalina (#1 requested feature)
• RAW Power makes your Photo Library better with Ratings, Flags, and Filtering
• Easy filtering of any album by rating, flag, file type and adjustment status
• Edit non-destructively with advanced editing controls
• Browse your Photo Library, create and change albums and folders, and rearrange album contents
• Full support for iCloud Photo Library – edits and all other changes sync between Mac and iOS
• Even Ratings and Flags sync with iCloud Photo Library both to other Macs and to iOS
• Fast Access: recently viewed albums and images get their own section
• Use Tabs to view different albums in your library at the same time.

• RAW Power File Browser
• Adds ratings, flags, and filtering
• Finder Tags are automatically read, displayed and any changes are synched to the Finder

• Refreshed, configurable Editing interface
• Refreshed visual design
• Speed up your editing by selecting default adjustments and reorder them to align with your workflow
• New adjustments:
• Advanced Auto Enhance with Face Balancing gives you a quick head start on editing
• LUTs with film simulations included (and you can import your own)
• Sophisticated Auto White Balance
• Levels with Auto Levels
• Channel Mixer
• Apply Auto Enhance to multiple images at once through batch processing

• RAW Power Photos Extension also gains all editing enhancements

Get RAW Power for iOS and edit cross-platform, synched through iCloud Photos (separate purchase)