Nitro™ for iPhone and iPad

Your best shots. Even better.

Flexible storage options, camera support, and editing tools unmatched by any app.

More power than ever before, wrapped in a beautiful new interface.

7 Day Free Trial - No subscription sign-up!

One time price of $99.99 USD includes macOS and all future updates.

Inexpensive monthly and annual plans also available. See App Store for details.

iCloud Photos

Create smart albums, and organize your Apple Photos library. Nitro reads RAW Power edits. Everything syncs over iCloud!

Prefer to manage your files yourself? You can use Nitro with and external storage too. Rate and edit non-destructively using XMP sidecars.

XMP Sidecars

Nitro reads and writes XMP Sidecars to support multi-app workflows. Export sidecars from RAW Power.

AI Masks

Automatically isolate the subject or background. Fine tune with a brush. Depth masks, too!

Gradients and Brushes

Linear and radial gradients, and brushes that can follow contours for great precision.

Clone and Spot Removal

Correct artifacts with cloning or a basic wire/spot removal tool.

Synchronized Pan and Zoom

Show up 4 images at once (on iPad), with synchronized pan and zoom.

Buy the way you want

7 Day free trial - no subscription signup required. One-time purchase and subscription options available.

Shoot the way you want

Compressed Fujifilm, Nikon HE, GoPro, and all the newest cameras. Stop waiting for Apple!  Camera List

16 Precision Adjustments

Including Tone, White Balance, RAW Tuning, Crop, Perspective, Levels, Curves, HSL, Split Toning, Black and White, and Vignette.

Unlock the Power of Apple RAW

Unique Hooks into Apple's RAW Engine. Like Aperture’s RAW Fine Tuning, but real-time. Control Boost, Black Point, Moire and more.


Beautiful Metadata Display with Maps for GPS data. Includes shot and camera information.

Ratings and Flags

Quickly evaluate lots of images. With iCloud Photos, your ratings and flags sync!

An App and a Plugin

The app can browse folders in or the Photos library. The Photos Extension has all the editing power of the app.

Advanced Filtering

Filter by Rating, Flag, File Type, Date Range and more! Make smart albums in the Photo Library.

Lens Correction

Correct Distortion, Aberrations, and Vignetting. The app learns and corrects your images automatically.

Batch Processing

Apply presets and adjustments, or even export multiple images at once.

Advanced Auto Enhance

A great starting point! Handles over-exposed and under-exposed images. Adjust intensity for a custom look.

Advanced Curves

Work in the Lab color space and manipulate extended RAW data (above 1.0) for even more power.

Presets and LUTs

Get a head start on editing with expertly designed LUTs and presets, or add your own!

Advanced Export

Export to multiple formats with control over compression, size, and color profile. Export originals between and, along with rating and editing metadata!

Apple Pencil Support

Use the Apple Pencil for precision brushing.

Rate. Flag. Filter.

Even make smart albums in the Photo Library that sync over iCloud!

Advanced Masking

AI Masks isolate subjects and backgrounds. Use a brush for maximum precision, with edge aware brushes to follow tricky contours. Apply 12 different adjustments, including Curves and blur.


Linear Gradients make quick work of skies. Radial Gradients make natural looking lighting effects.

Synchronized pan and zoom.

Up to 4 images at once on iPad.

Beautiful Metadata Like You've Never Seen Before

View Metadata Side-by-Side. View shot and camera information.

Work faster with Batch Processing

Export, Apply Presets, and more.