LiveScan for macOS 11 Big Sur
Makes Text Detection Quick and Easy

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LiveScan processes all images on your device.
Your images are not transmitted or sent anywhere.

Any Image, Anywhere

Grab text straight your screen. Great for video conferences!


Detect text natively in 8 languages, and translate to many more.

Always Available

Access it from the menu bar!

Integrated Services

Built-in access to Yelp, Amazon, eBay, Google Translate and more.

Social Media

Grab text in images inside apps like Twitter


One-tap access to your favorite actions.


Add your own custom workflows via LiveScan's JavaScript plugin API


LiveScan processes everything on-device, and does not transmit or save your images anywhere.

Single purchase

The mac and iOS versions, for one price.

Grab Text from anywhere on your screen

Private and Safe - your images stay on your device.

Languages Detected:

English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Other languages often work but unique characteristics, like accents, may not be detected.

14 Built-in Actions:

Plus: Add your own plugins for custom workflows.

Runs on macOS Big Sur (both Intel and optimized for Apple Silicon)

You can buy or subscribe to LiveScan:
Lifetime Purchase is just $9.99 USD.
Subscriptions are 99 cents per month or $5.99 USD a year.
Buy the Mac app and get the iOS app for free!

Get LiveScan on the App Store