The Company

Gentlemen Coders® develops and distributes software for professional and enthusiast photographers. Focusing exclusively on Apple platforms, the company offers unparalleled integration with Apple’s built-in services on macOS and iOS, maximizing customers’ investment in Apple devices and services. Gentlemen Coders’ products consistently deliver high-quality image processing, innovative workflows, intuitive organizational tools and high performance.

Gentlemen Coders was founded in 2016 by Nik Bhatt, an 18 year veteran of Apple. His roles in the Photo Apps group included Senior Director of Engineering and Chief Technical Officer. He also led the RAW Camera and Core Image teams, as well as the imaging team for the Mac version of Photos.
Mr. Bhatt holds 55 patents in a wide range of disciplines including image processing, audio processing, geotagging, wireless networking, and user interface design.
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The Press Kit

The Press kit includes screenshots, sample edits, the press release for RAW Power®, and more.
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